New physical store in Barcelona

Nueva tienda física en Barcelona - Muk Barcelona
Moving from the online channel to the physical store? Are we crazy?

But if you have a lot more margin online, you can reach infinite more people on the web, you don't have to worry about serving all the clients at the same time, you save a much more expensive rent... and a long list follows.

So why open a store in a world where shopping is done online and networks are the new showcases?
The connection that is generated in a store cannot be replicated with the "leads" and the visits on the web, the feedback you receive is much more organic and sincere in person, the immediacy of being able to take a product to the At the moment it cannot compete with having to wait for the shipment…

Physical stores are a space where you can connect with your customers, where you can see the product and touch it, where the customer increases the loyalty and trust with the brand. The brand has people behind it, it goes to the real world, to the physical world and this cannot be achieved through the online channel.

3 months ago we opened our 1st store in the center of Barcelona, ​​after that time we can say that it has been a success. Being a native online company it was always a challenge to open a physical location. In addition, it must be added that the vast majority of our products are personalized, so it was not easy to find the best solution to be able to take your cover with you at the moment.

We are entering a different world, but with great desire to grow this other vertical of our brand, to be able to continue connecting and offering the best possible service.

The concept of the store is 100% aligned with our networks so when you walk by you immediately realize that it is Muk Barcelona. It is a space where you can get to know all our products, see all the collections and be advised to be able to leave with your personalized product at the moment. Our challenge is to add the maximum value to the shopping experience of our clients, which is why we have designed a space in which to feel comfortable, comfortable and close to the brand.

We continue our journey and we promise you more news very soon.

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